photoshop douchebaggery

I've noticed an increasing number of guys being fooled by photoshopped bodies, usually ones with huge hip-to-waist ratios. I know we all have preferences, and that there may well be a few women who do have bodies like that naturally. But the original photo of the woman in each case did not require some dickhead with photoshop to "improve" on her appearance, and the more these pics are reblogged with captions like 'amazing curves!' on them, the more a fake body is being propagated as an ideal, and is insidiously poisoning our minds. Largely this is a misogynistic practice. But If I see pictures of men with photoshopped dicks or abs, they can go here too, and I welcome submissions. Let's call out the fakes. If you see a picture of a body that looks like someone has tried to 'improve it', do a reverse image search on google and find out. Feel free to send it to me. ~ GV